Center of Neurotechnology


The Scientific and Research Technological Center of Neurotechnologies (NITC Neurotechnology) was created at June 2016 "in order to implement research and development in the field of neurotechnology, train specialists and coordinate work in this direction." The center is a structural unit of SFedU performing fundamental research in the field of neurobiology, neurocognitology and neurocybernetics and carrying out applied developments in the field of neurotechnology, including, biohybrid systems, systems of technical vision, artificial intelligence, neuro prosthetics and neurocommunications, implementing educational programs of basic and post-graduate levels.



  1. Assessing the Possibility of Using the Biogrid Hybrid Odor Recognition Technology in the Interests of Screening of Socially Significant Diseases (Project of the Advanced Research Foundation, jointly with the Rostov Cancer Research Institute)
  2. Development of a hardware and software complex for controlling the level of attention and the psycho-emotional state of pilots and persons of the control structure with the aim of increasing flight safety (the design part of the state task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
  3. Study of the mechanisms of formation of multistable states of brain activity, sensory perception and cognitive processes in order to develop effective neurotechnologies for monitoring, communication and management (the basic part of the state task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation).


The Center of neurotechnology's employees are inventors.